Our Design Process

Whether you have ideas about what your new costume should be or not, our process will produce a gown that reflects your personality and style, and will flatter your body and your dancing! We give you a little homework to do, before your first design meeting. You will collect both ideas and images. Please plan ahead. Our schedule is ofter full 2-3 months ahead, so call us at least two months before your costume is needed, to reserve time for your project.


First, a few words that will describe your dancing and how you want it to look. This is a great way to involve your teacher or partner. Do you want to look sexy, or elegant? Are you playful, lyrical, sensual, or conservative? Maybe even powerful, or fierce? Think carefully, and pick just a word or two that best describes both who you are, and how you want to appear on the floor. These words might be different each time we create a gown, as you grow and develop as a dancer.


Then you will find some images that speak to you. These could be from fashion magazines, or could be dancewear, but do not need to be clothing related. Do you love this sleeve, and that neckline? A dress you saw someone else wear? Maybe even exotic flowers, French cuisine, Art Noveau, or fireworks on a beach? You will collect a few images in print, at least 3 - 5, and not more than a dozen or so, to bring with you to our first meeting. You can also bring clothing you love, bits of color, a Christmas ornament; anything you feel strongly about.


Then you will think about how much you have to spend. Custom designed and made clothing is a wonderful luxury, and typical Made for Movement gowns generally cost between $1800 (which assumes you apply your own rhinestones) and $4000, but we can work with many different budget requirements. If you are on a limited budget, we can sometimes help you to modify street wear, or find you a gently used gown from our rack that will serve your purposes at very reasonable cost. Be prepared to discuss this as well.


Using the ideas you bring, we sketch a plan for your new costume. Together we choose colors and fabrics. When the essence of our design is complete, we create an estimate for your project. Once you agree to the basic plan and estimate, we collect a down payment, order your fabric, and make your pattern.


We cut and baste your fabrics, and through a series of collaborative fittings, we refine your look and adjust our work as we go, to create an optimum outcome. We always finish in time for a dress rehearsal. You make progress payments as we proceed, and a final payment when you pick up your completed project. The typical process takes 6-8 weeks from design to completion.

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