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Success for Less for Sally!

August 27th, 2014

This post is to show you that you do not have to spend a fortune to look great on the dance floor.  Sometimes a cocktail dress can become a costume with minimal tweaking.  This great little dress is from Cache, shown at the link in black.  My client Sally found it last fall in Steel Grey, and asked me to adapt it for her as a Rhythm gown.  It had tremendous potential!  The best dresses for adaptation have some things in common.1)  Made of stretchy fabric. 2)  Fits you beautifully or fits some places and is too large elsewhere.  There is NOTHING to be done if the dress is too small.3)  Is sleeveless, or if it has some sort of sleeve, you can raise your arms without the dress moving up on your body.  We can add a sleeve cut for movement, but dresses you buy are cut for standing-around-looking-good, ...

A Hawaiian Carnival for Rita

April 13th, 2014

Rita is one of the very first dancers I dressed, way back in the late 1980's. She has never stopped enjoying ballroom dancing. She is now retired, and her investment advisor told her she would need to take money from one her investments this year, and her thoughts turned to dance. She decided she would compete at Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama this month, and wanted a new ballgown to wear for the event.  And she called me!The criteria we worked with were, soft, flowing, elongated, and elegant.  And Rita had no trouble choosing colors and fabrics.  She wanted lace, and chose a piece called Desire, which I really liked working with.  Since she wanted the result to be soft, we selected a georgette skirt, with a satin chiffon lining.Rita chose two pinks, a blue based one, called Carnival (upper left, folded to the right), and a more balanced but slightly warm one, ...

Prayers for Michele

April 6th, 2014

Many of my clients have met and worked with my seamstress/tailor Michele Kielsa.  I would ask you to keep her in your thoughts, and offer prayers for her today.Last week, Michele's mother had heart valve replacement surgery, which went well and her mom was able to go home on Thursday.  On that same day, Michele fell from a ladder in her garage.  She fractured her arm in three places.  The upper break was clean and set immediately.  The fracture at her elbow required surgery and two metal plates, with many screws to hold everything in place.  The fracture of her wrist requires additional surgery, scheduled for April 10th, with a hand specialist.In addition to all this, Michele's son-in-law posted to his Caring Bridge site yesterday that the Hodkins lymphoma that he has been fighting since before his wedding to Michele's daughter has returned for a third time.Please send Michele and ...

Tracy's Emerald Vine

February 13th, 2014

It's easy to make a beautiful gown for a beautiful woman.  Tracy fits that description.  The ideas for her gown came from video clips on You Tube, featuring one of her favorite Latin dancers, in three different but similar costumes.  We picked and chose components from each of the gowns, she chose her color, and we ordered Zircon dance crepe and stretch satin from Dance Sport International in England.Most of the fabrics I use come from England, where ballroom dancing is a much bigger part of life than here in the US.  It is very hard to find fabrics in this country that meet all of the requirements of competition dancewear, and there are no suppliers devoted specifically to the needs of the ballroom.  First, we need richer, more purely intense color than is available for street clothing, since the objective is generally to be easily visible and vibrant.  Secondly, ...

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